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Gary Palmer

Gary Palmer, the U.S. Representative for Alabama’s 6th congressional district, is a prominent figure in American politics. He is the 5th highest-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives and has chaired the Republican Policy Committee since 2019.He also co-founded and served as the long-time president of the Alabama Policy Institute.

Early life and Education

  • Born on  May 14, 1954 in Hackleburg, Alabama, Palmer grew up in a small town  farm and developed a strong connection to rural communities. He was the first person on either side of his family to attend college (The University of Alabama). He was member of the college football team under the famous football coach Bear Bryant.
  • He graduated from the University of Alabama With a  bachelor’s degree in operations management . After graduation  he worked in the private sector for 12 years majorly with engineering construction companies.

Transition to the National Stage

  • In 1989, Palmer co-founded the Alabama Policy Institute, a conservative think tank focused on promoting limited government and free-market principles.
  • He served as the president of the Alabama Policy institute for 25 years.He also was a founding member of the board of directors of the State Policy Network.
  • This experience further solidified his conservative beliefs and prepared him for the national stage giving him the exposure and knowledge of policy problems that confront all 50 states. In 2014, Palmer ran for Congress and successfully unseated incumbent Democrat  Mark Lester, becoming the first Republican to represent Alabama’s 6th district since 1967.He has been re-elected three times with only nominal opposition, and even running unopposed in the year 2020.

Tenure in Congress

  • Since entering Congress in 2015, serving as the U.S. Representative for Alabama, Palmer has established himself as a vocal conservative, serving on key committees such as the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the Subcommittees on Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and Oversight and Investigations.
  • He has served on four different state commissions on behalf of three different Governors.
  • He is a staunch advocate for fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and limited government spending focused on paying down the national debt by cutting spending and  reducing the number and expense of federal regulations.
  •  He served on the State Policy Network board for six years, the last two as chairman.
  • Palmer is also a strong believer in spurring economic growth and job creation by accessing America’s vast energy resources and  lowering energy costs.
  • On social issues, he holds traditional conservative views and opposes abortion rights and same-sex marriage.
  • Since the 116th Congress Palmer has also served as the Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee which advises other members of leadership on policy decisions. 
  • His Committee Assignments for the 118th Congress include 
  • Committee on Energy and Commerce
  • Committee on Oversight and Accountability


 Beyond Policy and work Palmer is a hugely popular, loved and respected member of the Society.

  • Beyond his legislative work, Palmer is known for his outspoken personality and active presence on social media.
  • He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Birmingham since 1993.
  • He is a frequent commentator on political and social issues, engaging in debates and sharing his conservative views with followers.
  • The University of Mobile has granted him an honorary doctorate.
  •   He lives in Hoover, Alabama with his wife Ann , Together they have three children. 

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