Presidential election, 2024

On November 5, 2024, the United States will have its 60th Presidential election. The winner of this election will be sworn into office on January 20, 2025.

The White House

Important Dates

The following table shows the scheduled dates and primary/caucus event type by each state and party for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Iowa (Republican )15 Jan, 2024  Caucus
New Hampshire 23 Jan, 2024  Primary
South Carolina(Democratic)3 Feb, 2024  Primary
Nevada(Democratic )6 Feb, 2024  Primary
Nevada (Republican)8 Feb, 2024  Caucus 
South Carolina(Republican)24 Feb, 2024  Primary
Michigan (Republican)27 Feb, 2024  Primary 
Michigan (Republican Convention)02 March, 2024Convention 
Michigan(Democratic)27 Feb, 2024  Primary
Virgin Island (Republican)8 Feb, 2024  Caucus
Iowa (Democratic )5 March, 2024  Primary 
Idaho(Republican)2 March, 2024  Caucus
Missouri(Republican)2 March, 2024  Caucus
District of Columbia (Republican)3 March, 2024  Primary
American Samoa (Democratic)5 March, 2024  Caucus
Alabama5 March, 2024  Primary
North Dakota (Republican)4 March ,2024  Caucus
Arkansas5 March, 2024  Primary
California5 March, 2024  Primary
Colorado5 March, 2024  Primary
Maine5 March, 2024  Primary
Massachusetts5 March, 2024  Primary
Minnesota5 March, 2024  Primary
North Carolina5 March, 2024  Primary
Oklahoma5 March, 2024  Primary
Tennessee5 March, 2024  Primary
Texas5 March, 2024  Primary
Utah5 March, 2024  Primary
Vermont5 March, 2024  Primary
Virginia5 March, 2024  Primary
Democrats Abroad12 March, 2024  Primary
Georgia 12 March, 2024  Primary 
Hawaii (Republican)12 March, 2024  Caucus
Northern Marianas (Democratic)12 March, 2024  Caucus
Mississippi12 March, 2024  Primary
Missouri(Democratic)23 March, 2024  Primary
Washington12 March, 2024  Primary
Arizona19 March, 2024  Primary
Florida19 March, 2024  Primary
Illinois19 March, 2024  Primary
Kansas19 March, 2024  Primary
Ohio19 March, 2024  Primary
Louisiana23 March, 2024  Primary
Connecticut 2 April, 2024  Primary
Delaware2 April, 2024  Primary
New York 2 April, 2024  Primary
Rhode Island2 April, 2024  Primary
Wisconsin2 April, 2024  Primary
Alaska(Democratic)6 April, 2024  Primary
Hawaii (Democratic)6 April, 2024    Primary 
North Dakota (Democratic)6 April, 2024  Primary 
Puerto Rico(Republican)21 April, 2024  Primary 
Pennsylvania23 April, 2024  Primary
Puerto Rico (Democratic)28 April, 2024  Primary
Indiana7 May, 2024  Primary
Maryland14 May, 2024  Primary
West Virginia14 May, 2024  Primary
Nebraska14 May, 2024  Primary
Oregon 21 May, 2024  Primary
Idaho (Democratic)23 May, 2024  Caucus
Kentucky 21 May, 2024  Primary
Montana 4 June, 2024    Primary
New Jersey 4 June, 2024  Primary
New Mexico4 June, 2024  Primary 
South Dakota 4 June, 2024  Primary 
District of Columbia(Democratic)4 June, 2024  Primary 
The information provided in the above table is subject to change and would be updated accordingly .

Latest Presidential Election Results

This Section displays the results of the 2024 presidential primaries. Click on the links to read in detail .

New Hampshire Presidential Primaries 23 January ,2024


The Following candidates have filed to run for President in the 2024 Presidential Elections

Republican Candidates

Donald Trump, former U.S. President is the frontrunner Republican Candidate till date, being the most popular he has the support of many ex-presidential candidates who have withdrawn from the presidential race like Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy.

Nikki Haley former South Carolina Governor and U.N. Ambassador , She had announced her candidacy on 14th February,2023.

Ryan Binkley , A pastor and Businessman is also in the Presidential race.

Withdrawn Republican Candidates

  • Ron DeSantis, The Governor of Florida withdrew from the race on 21st January,2024.
  • Asa Hutchinson, Former Arkansas Governor withdrew from the race on 16th Jauary ,2024.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur Viviek announced the end of his campaign on 15th Jauary,2024.
  • Chris Christie, Former Governor of New Jersey withdrew from the race on 10th January ,2024.
  • Doug Burgum, Governor of North Dakota withdrew from the race on 4th December 2023.
  • Tim Scott , a senator from South Carolina, Tim withdrew from race on 12th November,2023.
  • Mike Pence, former Vice President of the United States withdrew from the race on 28th October.
  • Larry Elder, a Talk radio host withdrew from the race on 26th October,2023.
  • Perry Johnson, Author and business owner ended his campaign on 20th October ,2023.
  • Corey Stapleton, the former Montana Secretary of state withdrew rom the race on 13th October,2023.
  • Will Hurd, Former U.S Representative from Texas ended his campaign on 9th October 2023.
  • Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami ended his campaign on 29th August, 2023.

Democratic Candidates

Joe Biden, The 59th President(Incumbent) of the United States is running for his second term .

Dean Phillips is a U.S. representative from Minnesota

Marianne Williamson, an author, she was also a presidential candidate in 2020 elections.

Independent Candidates or Third Party Candidates

Robert F. Kennedy Jr (Independent)

Chase Oliver(Libertarian Party)

Jill Stein(Green Party)

Cornel West(Independent)