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Ryan Binkley


Ryan Lee Binkley is an American businessman, pastor and  politician. He founded the Generational Equity Group in 2006 and is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company.

Born on  November 19, 1967 in Columbus, Georgia, Ryan was raised by his parents, John and Sharon Binkley, in Dallas, Plano, and eventually McKinney, Texas. Growing up, Ryan played high school football and started working early, delivering papers in 5th grade.

From his parents, Ryan inherited values of hard work, service, and obedience to God. His father, a small business owner and salesman, instilled in him the principle that faithfulness in small things leads to greater opportunities.

After his brother’s untimely death, Ryan returned to help run the family business. Later, he earned his MBA from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. In 2005, he launched the company that eventually became Generational Group. As the President & CEO, he provides leadership for the strategic direction of the company and oversees teams working directly with Generational Equity clients through the transaction process.

Before establishing Generational, Ryan gained experience in positions at Procter & Gamble and Boston Scientific Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Texas and earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Southern Methodist University.

Generational Group, recognized as the North America Investment Bank of the Year by the M&A Advisor in 2022, follows Ryan Binkley’s guidance in advising business owners on growing and selling their companies, even in challenging times. He believes similar strategies can be applied to the future of the country and the economy.

Ryan Binkley serves as the President and CEO of Generational Group, headquartered in Richardson, Texas. Generational Group, with over 300 employees, specializes in business consultancy, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and wealth advisory services for business owners across North America.

In addition to his business leadership, Ryan, along with his wife Ellie, is a co-founder of Create Church, a multi-ethnic, multigenerational church located in Richardson, Texas. As the lead pastor, he is dedicated to helping church members from diverse backgrounds discover and live out their purpose.

Ryan emphasizes the importance of viewing business as more than just a financial endeavour. He believes it’s a way to serve both employees and the community, fostering a culture that respects one another and honours God in all aspects. Generational actively supports the community through financial contributions, focusing on programs related to education and various veteran charities.

Key focus points of Binkley’s Campaign

Optimizing National Debt: Binkley’s Strategic Approach to Fiscal Responsibility

In the realm of fiscal responsibility, Binkley stands out with a focused campaign targeting the reduction of the national debt. Aiming to surpass competitors, he emphasizes key areas such as federal spending cuts, healthcare cost reduction, fortified border security for immigration control, and a streamlined legal immigration process. Additionally, Binkley places significant importance on community involvement in education, fostering unity as a central theme of his campaign.

Binkley’s Vision: Curbing Federal Spending for Economic Stability

Binkley’s strategic vision involves a comprehensive approach to lowering the national debt through significant reductions in federal spending. By meticulously evaluating and optimizing budget allocations, he aims to strike a balance between essential government functions and cost-saving measures.

Healthcare Reform: A Pillar of Binkley’s Fiscal Policy

Recognizing the economic impact of soaring healthcare costs, Binkley champions a focused campaign to bring about necessary reforms. His proposals center around enhancing efficiency, reducing wasteful spending, and ensuring that healthcare services remain accessible to all citizens without burdening the national budget.

Immigration Overhaul: Strengthening Borders and Simplifying Legal Processes

Binkley addresses immigration concerns with a two-fold approach – reinforcing border security and streamlining legal immigration processes. By fortifying borders, he aims to control illegal immigration, while simultaneously advocating for a simplified and efficient legal immigration system that aligns with the nation’s economic needs.

Education Empowerment: Community Involvement as a Catalyst

In recognition of the pivotal role education plays in national progress, Binkley places a spotlight on community involvement in shaping educational outcomes. His campaign encourages partnerships between local communities and educational institutions, fostering an environment where everyone has a stake in the success of the education system.

Unity as a Cornerstone: Binkley’s Campaign Theme

At the heart of Binkley’s campaign is the theme of unity. Recognizing the importance of a cohesive society, he underscores the need for collaboration and understanding across diverse communities. By emphasizing unity, Binkley aims to bridge gaps and create a collective vision for a stronger, more resilient nation.

In conclusion, Binkley’s campaign intricately weaves together strategic fiscal policies, healthcare reforms, immigration overhauls, and community-focused education initiatives. As a beacon of unity, his approach not only addresses key national issues but also sets a precedent for a harmonious and fiscally responsible future.

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