Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary

After his success in both Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s now super close to reality that Former President Donald Trump  will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America for the third consecutive time . This is his second step toward securing the 2024 Republican nomination as he has already won the Iowa Caucus by a lead of over 51%.

Former President Donald Trump

On the other hand incumbent President Joe Biden has also won as the Democratic primary as a write-in candidate in New Hampshire .

As the Democratic National Committee didn’t recognise the contest due to the dispute with the state Democrats over the primary calendar , his supporters organised a write in campaign which gave him a lead over other democratic candidates like author Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips, still the victory is considered largely symbolic .

Former U.N.Ambassador Nikki Haley states that the race is not over for her and now focusses on South Carolina primary which is due to happen next month on the 24th of February . She plans on staying in the race and had earlier called for mental competency tests for elderly politicians.

Early February will also witness Caucus in Nevada but Haley wont be competing in them.

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