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Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise, hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, is a prominent figure in American politics. As the current House Majority Leader since 2023, he holds the second-highest position in the U.S. House of Representatives, wielding significant influence in shaping national legislation.

He has held leadership roles in the House since 2014, serving as Majority Whip from 2014 to 2019, and Minority Whip from 2019 to 2023 where he was responsible in order to bring the Republican Conference together when the House of Representatives was passing legislation.

Early Life

Steve was born October 6, 1965 in New Orleans, He graduated from Archbishop Rummel High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University With a major in computer science and a minor in political science.

From Local Politics to the National Stage

Scalise’s political career began at the local level, serving as a member of the Louisiana State Legislature  from 1996 to 2008. He then transitioned to the national stage, winning a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008, representing Louisiana’s 1st congressional district.

For the 118th Congress, Scalise was elected House Majority Leader by his colleagues to the second highest position in House Republican Leadership.

Key Focus Areas

  • Fiscal Responsibility: A champion of lower taxes and limited government spending, Scalise advocates for balanced budgets and fiscal conservatism.He advocates for the principles of fiscal discipline.
  • Strong National Defense: A firm believer in a robust military, Scalise supports increased defense spending and measures to strengthen national security.He advocates for strong border security and freedom .
  • Conservative Values: Aligned with conservative principles, Scalise upholds the Constitution and opposes abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and government overreach in personal matters.
  • Supporting Louisiana: Dedicated to his home state, Scalise works to secure federal funding for Louisiana’s infrastructure, economy, and agricultural industry. He is working tirelessly towards the energy development of Louisiana And to enact a national energy strategy that increases the supply of American energy reducing the dependence on foreign oil. 

Scalise is in charge of overseeing the House of Representatives’ daily operations. He  keeps a pulse on what is happening in communities across the United States and responds accordingly.Scalise plays a critical role in setting the House’s overall agenda  by advising committee chairs on which policies and bills to prioritize and arranging for legislation to be brought up for a vote on the House Floor.

He has passed  the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the USMCA trade deal.

He also led the effort to pass the RESTORE Act, a legislation which is widely regarded as the single most significant action taken to restore Louisiana’s coast , which was signed into law in 2012.

He continues to work to partner with federal and state law enforcement officers to keep communities safe, give parents a say in their child’s education, He is also focussed on taking steps to end the reliance on China. His priorities include securing our southern border, He wants to enact a national energy strategy that increases the supply of American energy through enhanced production and technological innovation to get back the American energy dominance. 

Scalise has been an opponent of gun control, he opposes the legalization of marijuana and also opposes the Affordable Care Act, He also opposes same-sex marriage.


Scalise remains a popular figure among Louisiana Republicans and an influential leader within the Republican Party. His dedication to conservative values, fiscal responsibility, and supporting his home state has earned him a loyal following.

Scalise is married to Jennifer Ann Letulle. They have two children.

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